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The Mercedes-Benz Collection is available in five finely coordinated colour shades. A special highlight of this collection is the new "Vegan Leatherette" material, a unique, vegan fabric with no animal constituents. Read more

The look and feel of the fabric is very reminiscent of the finest leather, but it is far superior in terms of function. Because this high-tech fibre is not only extraordinarily hard-wearing, but - unlike leather - also very breathable and exceptionally durable. This durability was tested by means of 100,000 so-called abrasion cycles, proving that this material is particularly resistant to abrasion and wear.

The extraordinary designs are rounded off by the elegantly colour- graduated chassis with the Mercedes-Benz pattern and the magnetically lockable harness system, which is child's play to operate and convenient to adjust. In addition there are the double fold-out sun visors, which provide optimal sun protection for youngsters. The standard features for all models include the Bag2Go. This bag, ideal for mobile phone, keys, wallet or bottles, can be easily attached to the pushchair handle.

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  • Avantgarde & Performance GTS/GTX

    Solight-Ecco air chamber wheels ensure a optimum driving comfort.

  • All-Terrain GTR

    Grip tires for maximum off-road mobility.

  • Perfect organizer for the storage of cell phones, keys, purse, etc.

  • Easy fixing at the push handle

  • Carrying handle

  • Zipper

  • Compartment division incl. bottle compartment

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3-year guarantee

All pushchairs in this collection come with a 3-year guarantee!